Fertility rate drops drastically in Uttar Pradesh, strong child vaccination data

The findings of the latest National Family Health Survey for Uttar Pradesh have given encouraging results for its population control and child immunization efforts, while on anemia, where the country has shown concern, UP has fared better than many other states, Even child nutrition needs more attention. ,

The total fertility rate (TFR) in the state has come down to 2.4 in the state from 2.7 in the previous survey conducted in 2015-16. While it is still above the national average of 2, the fall was greater in UP, showing promise. This was also due to an increase in the use of any method of family planning, which increased from 45.5 percent to 62 percent. Mita Priyadarshini, CEO of the Research and Development Initiative, which conducts market and social research, said, “This is an encouraging result because population is a major constraint in the delivery of health services and the ratio of healthcare providers versus population is very skewed.” ET. Female sterilization, however, Maheshwari said, was an area of ​​concern in the state, actually falling from 17.3 per cent to 16.9 per cent and well behind the national average of 38 per cent. While vaccination of children aged 12-23 months increased from 51% to 70%, an equally encouraging finding was the percentage of children who received their vaccines in public health facilities, where UP exceeded the national figure of 94.5%. equaled. The state’s public health system was also boosted by a more than 10% increase in institutional births in a public facility, while the percentage of health workers talking to women about family planning also nearly doubled.

In the segment of the population suffering from anemia seen as a national concern, the state defied the national trend for all categories of adults, showing a decline in prevalence compared to the previous survey, however, the percentage of children diagnosed with anemia increased.

In the area of ​​child nutrition, while there was a negligible drop in the percentage of children under five, or who were underweight for their height, the percentage of children “severely wasted” actually increased from 6% to 7.3 . , Uttar Pradesh has a higher percentage of stunted children than the national average, while the percentage has declined by 6% since the last survey.


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