Chinese media claims, cyber attacks by groups in India targeted China, Pakistan and Nepal

“Disclosure of cyber attacks from India” is new propaganda by Chinese mouthpiece media as it claims that India’s groups with possible intelligence background and state backing have in the past attacked defense and military units in China, Nepal and Pakistan as well as state-run groups. owned enterprises relentlessly attacked. A few years, the Global Times … Read more

ISRO can suggest ideal locations for setting up solar power projects

A top official said the Indian space agency can suggest ideal locations for setting up a solar power farm with data gathered from its geostationary earth observation satellites within and outside India. He also said that the technology can be transferred to those interested. K Sivan, President of Indian Space Research, said, “We have demonstrated … Read more

US Navy fires two top officers of submarine damaged in collision

The Navy said on Thursday that it fired two senior officers of a nuclear-powered submarine that was damaged in an underwater collision last month in the South China Sea. A sailor, who had served as senior enlisted adviser to the commander and the executive officer, was also removed from his position. The action was carried … Read more

New Grand Jury Sitting As Criminal Investigation Of Donald Trump Continues

New York prosecutors probing former President Donald Trump’s business deals are convening a new grand jury to hear evidence in the investigation as the previous panel’s term was nearing an end, a person familiar with the matter told the Associated Press on Thursday. . The development comes as the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is weighing … Read more

One rebel, one bureaucrat: Women living in Afghanistan

Two women from different walks of life – one a rebel, the other a bureaucrat – face an unknown future in Afghanistan. One decided to work with the Taliban and the other decided to fight them. Both took a vow that they would never leave their motherland. Karima Mayor Amiri, 54, is the head of … Read more

Fukushima farmers fear contaminated water could damage businesses 10 years after nuclear disaster

Farmers in Japan’s northeastern Fukushima fear that the release of water from a crippled power plant could rekindle concerns about contamination and rekindle the price of their produce on a decade-long slow recovery from the nuclear disaster. can. Japan plans to release more than 1 million tons of contaminated water from the Fukushima plant into … Read more

Common gene in South Asians may double COVID-19 death risk: Oxford-led study

Scientists at the University of Oxford have identified a gene that can double the risk of lung failure and death from COVID-19, and may explain why people of South Asian ancestry are more prone to severe disease. The LZTFL1 gene alters the way the lungs respond to viral infection, and is the most important genetic … Read more

Some key decisions of MVA government helped in reducing COVID-19 cases: Pawar

NCP chief Sharad Pawar on Friday lauded the Uddhav Thackeray-led Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government, saying “some important decisions” taken by it helped reduce the number of COVID-19 cases, And also expressed confidence that things would go back. Normal and pandemic affected economy will resume. He said that the Maharashtra government has indicated that it … Read more

Students have been asked not to use Wikipedia for research. but it is a reliable source

At the beginning of each university year, we ask first-year students a question: How many people have been told not to use Wikipedia by their secondary teachers? Without fail, almost every hand rises up. Wikipedia provides instant free and reliable information. So why do teachers almost universally distrust it? Wikipedia has community-enforced policies on neutrality, … Read more

J&J fails in final bid to appeal Australian pelvic mesh class action ruling

Australia’s High Court on Friday declined to hear an appeal that Johnson & Johnson had sought to overturn a federal court ruling that its subsidiary, Ethicon, had sold defective pelvic plexus implants, a court spokesman said. . J&J and Shine Lawyers, who led the class action, said the case would now go back to federal … Read more