US yet to take any decision on possible CAATSA waiver to India on S400 purchase from Russia: Officials

The US has not yet made a determination on any potential CAATSA exemption to India for the purchase of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia, the Biden administration has said, pointing out that the law does not attach country-specific exemption provisions. and bilateral dialogue on this subject will continue. The State Department’s remarks come … Read more

Zydus set to join other vaccines in India’s COVID fight soon

The government has started preparations to include Cadila’s ZyCov-D in the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The vaccine is likely to be given to adults from December. The drug regulator had on August 20 granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for a three-dose COVID-19 vaccine, which can be given to people aged 12 years and above for the … Read more

American unions Hollywood studio MGM . Called for a ban on Amazon purchases of

A consortium of American unions called on Monday to block Amazon’s purchase of famed Hollywood studio MGM, citing concerns about the tech giant’s growing power over the subscription video streaming sector. The Strategic Organizing Center, a union of four major labor unions representing four million workers, said “Amazon’s impact on the health and diversity of … Read more

US, Australia, UK sign key deal in nuclear sub-alliance

Australia on Monday formally launched a hotly-competitive program to equip its navy with nuclear-powered submarines in a new defense alliance with Britain and the United States. Defense Secretary Peter Dutton joined US and British diplomats in signing an agreement allowing the exchange of sensitive “Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information” between their nations. The agreement on technology … Read more

Top US admiral warns about China threat on Halifax forum

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command said on Saturday that the US and its allies need to act with greater urgency amid rising tensions and China’s ever-increasing military action. Admin John C. Aquilino reaffirmed America’s commitment to achieving a free and open Indo-Pacific region during meetings with colleagues at the Halifax International Security Forum. … Read more

Pentagon seeks to reassure major Middle East allies

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Saturday sought to reassure allies in the Middle East that President Joe Biden’s administration was committed to the region, while Washington was increasingly turning its attention to countering China. It was unclear how much of an impact Austin’s speech would have with Washington’s allies in the Middle East, as … Read more

As Biden’s big bill moves forward, so does Pelosi’s big legacy

Deep in grueling talks over President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy package, when it looked like the tussle between Democrats would never stop, Speaker Nancy Pelosi let everyone in on a little secret. “This,” she admitted quite publicly to reporters some time ago, “is the fun part.” Legislation, treacherous to some, a game to others, … Read more

Thousands of Afghans seek temporary US entry, some approved

More than 28,000 Afghans have applied for temporary entry into the US for humanitarian reasons since the Taliban took over Afghanistan and led to the chaotic US withdrawal, but according to federal officials, only 100 of them were approved. Is. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services has battled a growing number of applicants for a … Read more

India expects WTO to accept at least part of TRIPS waiver offer

India expects the World Trade Organization (WTO) to be at least a part of the prosperous world including the European Union (EU) and Japan as well as its proposal to temporarily waive certain intellectual property rights rules under the TRIPS agreement. will accept a portion. A commerce department official said the move was strongly opposed. … Read more

US, China trade Taiwan warnings ahead of Biden-Xi summit

Top diplomats from China and the United States have exchanged stern warnings over Taiwan’s flashpoint issue ahead of a hotly-awaited summit between their leaders on Monday. President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping’s virtual meeting comes against a backdrop of rising tensions – on the part of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy claimed by Beijing, but also … Read more