As coronavirus cases rise in Europe, an economic toll returns

Europe’s already fragile economic recovery is threatened by a fourth wave of coronavirus infections now ravaging the continent, as governments impose increasingly stringent health restrictions that could reduce foot traffic in shopping centres, Can discourage travel and reduce crowds at restaurants, bars and skis. Resorts Austria has taken tough measures, made vaccinations mandatory and implemented … Read more

Austria re-enters COVID-19 lockdown as Europe battles virus

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, Austria closed its shops, restaurants and festive markets on Monday, returning to lockdown in the most dramatic COVID-19 restrictions Western Europe has seen in months. The decision prompted a fierce backlash, with thousands taking to the streets, some accusing the government of not doing more to keep the latest coronavirus … Read more

Austria orders nationwide 10-day lockdown for unvaccinated citizens

The Austrian government ordered a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people from midnight on Sunday to slow the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country. The move prohibits non-vaccinated individuals over the age of 12 from leaving home except for basic activities such as work, grocery shopping, going for a walk or getting vaccinated. Officials … Read more