Didn’t take money off table, transferred it to REIT: Ajay Srivastava

“It is more than just flux economic policy that is affecting India now. But it is expected that retail investors will retain public confidence,” adds Ajay Srivastava, CEO, Dimension Corporate Finance, How long do you think the bull market is going to be? For the first time after 18 months, Nifty has seen a decline … Read more

Easy round of the bull run over: Sandeep Tandon; Decodes what to buy, sell and hold now

“The fear in the market is not as high as in March 2020. Global liquidity is still fairly substantial, but in percentage terms, it’s starting to go down a bit, say. Sandeep Tandon, MD & CEO, Quant Mutual Fund What do you think about the market as now there are two big moving parts; One … Read more

I haven’t sold anything this year and certainly haven’t sold anything less: Jim Rogers

“What happens when things go bad and the market goes down? Central banks will panic and they will print more money and then we will have a big rally and this will probably be the last rally, says Jim Rogers, author, Street Smart: Adventures on the Road and the Markets. It has been an exciting … Read more

The bull market persists but is more stock specific; Where to invest now?

“The bull market in metals persists, but this space is extremely volatile and more than micro factors, macro factors have a huge impact on the behavior of metal stocks, not necessarily metals companies,” says Hiren Veda, Co-Founder, CEO, Director and CIO, alchemy capital management Monday made us restless. Do you think we have peaked for … Read more

Will continue IT largecap for next 3-5 years: Pankaj Murarka

“I strongly believe that we are in a very strong long-term bull market and this is nothing but an improvement in that,” says Pankaj Murarka, founded by, Renaissance Investment Manager, Where within midcap IT do you find comfort to stay or join the decline assuming you are still a long-time believer in the Indian IT … Read more

What to buy in the first major correction in this bull market? Pankaj Murar’s answer

Pankaj Murarka, founded by, Renaissance Investment Manager, Internet companies and capital goods companies will be picking up as the market continues to improve. This is the biggest improvement in six months. What do you make of it?This is the first major correction that we are seeing in this bull market that has been going on … Read more

Which startup can be a wealth maker like HDFC Bank or Bajaj Finance? Atul Suri says

“If we continue to correct from time to time which will have good days for some sectors and bad days for others, that will be great for the market and it will set us up for the next phase,” he says. Atul Suri, CEO, Marathon Trends-PMS. It’s been a good September, a very good October … Read more

Commodity super cycle not running; Don’t get into steel now: Sandeep Sabharwal

In the large cap world, we have started doing M&M deposits from Rs 750-780 and even after the results, there is a growth potential of 20-30%. Similar is the case with infra which is still undervalued. We have bought in Ahluwalia contractors and NCC, says Sandip Sabharwal, analyst, Askandipsabharwal.com What did you do with Tata … Read more

New investors are changing the rules of the game: Prashant Prabhakaran

“It is time to invest in the markets with an outlook of more than five years at least to finally get the returns which are going to be fantastic from the Indian point of view,” says Prasanth Prabhakaran, MD & CEO, yes security, Is there a case for somewhat corrective sideways consolidation in the market? … Read more