NASA begins test mission of asteroid-deflection spacecraft

A spacecraft that must eventually crash to succeed was launched late Tuesday from California on a NASA mission to demonstrate the world’s first planetary defense system, which has been hit by a potential doomsday collision with Earth. The asteroid was designed to deflect. The DART spacecraft soared into the night sky at 10:21 a.m. Pacific … Read more

US citizen sued after month-long immigration closure

An American man filed a lawsuit alleging that the US government on Monday kept him in immigration custody for more than a month, even though he was a US citizen. Brian Buke, 61, sued in federal court alleging he was wrongfully placed in an immigration detention facility when he should have been freed after serving … Read more

From space, astronaut sounded the alarm about climate crisis

Entire regions of the earth in flames. The storm behind the devastation in their wake. And the haunting fragility of humanity’s only home is floating like a blue – but also tarnished – pearl in the vastness of space. Through the porthole of the International Space Station, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has an arresting view … Read more