Is visiting your family bad for the planet?

Last year, the pandemic made me miss Thanksgiving at my sister’s house in Minnesota. This year, I would have walked through the fire to get her sweet potato pie. When I went to book my plane ticket, I was forced to face something unexpected: guilt. Along with the price and departure times, a new column … Read more

US-China climate agreement: what does this mean for Beijing?

After trade during the COP26 UN summit in Glasgow, the United States and China announced a surprise agreement to cooperate on climate change, indicating a willingness to set it apart from other thorny disputes. What do the broad commitments mean for China, which is responsible for more than a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas … Read more

Is your electric car as eco-friendly as you thought?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a powerful weapon in the world’s fight to beat global warming, yet their impact varies greatly from country to country and in some places they pollute more than gasoline models, data analysis shows. Get to know from. In Europe, where sales are growing the fastest in the world, EVs in Poland … Read more