Cooperation, not tug of war, key to trade ties: America’s Catherine Tai

The Joe Biden administration will seek to create a new “collaborative approach” on trade with India that will respect each other’s “sensitivities” and “political needs” rather than a “locking horn”, which it calls a “tug of war” or “tug of war”. makes a. Zero Sum Game”, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai told ET in an … Read more

Indian mangoes may again find a place in American stores

Indian mangoes like Dussehri and Langra may again find a place in US stores, with the US likely to start accepting test certificates issued by agencies here, a senior government official said on Tuesday. Outstanding business issues in three to 12 months. The decisions were taken at the India-US Trade Policy Forum (TPF), which was … Read more

USTR Katherine Tai calls for worker-centered policies in trade talks

US Trade Representative Catherine Tai called for cooperation with India on “worker-centric policies” in bilateral trade talks on Monday, and said she intended to “make progress” on issues raised by US businesses, including market access restrictions, High fees and restrictive digital trade measures. Tai said on a two-day visit here that he “looks forward to … Read more

Piyush Goyal meets US Trade Representative Catherine Tai

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal met United States Trade Representative (USTR) Catherine Tai on Monday. United States Trade Representative (USTR) Catherine Tai is on a two-day visit to India, accompanied by Deputy United States Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi. This is Tai’s first visit to India after assuming office in March this year. … Read more