Why is Mark Mobius more optimistic about Indian markets than China?

Mark Mobius, Founder, Mobius Capital Partners says that you cannot say that the COVID situation is essentially bad for the markets as the government policies arising out of COVID are actually beneficial for the markets. Do you think Indian markets will continue to outperform here? Thank god for the Indian market. We have a huge … Read more

India could be the poster boy for EM in this decade

Looking beyond the domestic bias, there are strong fundamental reasons to believe that India will be the epitome of growth in emerging markets (EM) this decade, and will warrant a higher weighting in EM indices as well. There are some major fundamental reasons supporting this statement. China deserves a separate equity class According to a … Read more

Data privacy legal system in China: hurdle for foreign tech firms

Yahoo Inc. has decided to close its operations in China, citing an “increasingly challenging” business and legal environment. The services have stopped since 1st November. Yahoo had a 22-year presence in China. Yahoo’s Engadget China site has issued a popup notice to its users saying the site will no longer publish content. Recently, Microsoft-owned professional … Read more