How Power and Ideology Define Xi Jinping’s Rise in China

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has emerged this week from a party convention not only more firmly in power than ever, but also with a stronger ideological and theoretical understanding on the ruling Communist Party’s past, present and future. This laid the groundwork for him to take a third five-year term as party leader at next … Read more

CPC defends President Xi’s ‘original’ leader position, attacks US and Western democracies

The Communist Party of China on Friday strongly defended President Xi Jinping’s “original” leader position that enables him to tighten his grip on power, saying the ruling party under him has an “anchor” and The nation would be a “backbone”, even saying that democracy was not an “exclusive patent” of the US and the West. … Read more

The Communist Party of China will hold an important meeting when Xi Jinping comes to power

The Communist Party of China will conclude a meeting on Thursday that is set to end with a resolution that strengthens President Xi Jinping’s authority, breaking a precedent for his party leader a year ago to secure a third term. are supposed to. The Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee, a group of some 370 … Read more

Next week’s major CPC conference gears up to support Xi Jinping’s unprecedented third term

A major convention of China’s ruling Communist Party next week is expected to pass a resolution on key achievements in addition to the 100-year-old party’s “historic experience” and pave the way for an unprecedented third term for President Xi Jinping. Xi, 68, will attend all three power centers of China—the general secretary of the Communist … Read more