Where to find long term opportunities in the post covid market? Atul Suri Answers

“We are seeing inflation-led growth in the consumption sector and that means when prices are rising it is visible. But still, the demand continues to grow,” says Atul Suri, CEO, Marathon Trends-PMS. What else is going to keep in the market? We’ve seen some decent breakouts in auto and healthcare companies lately, including hospital stocks. … Read more

The reopening of business is real; Many engines are yet to catch fire: Mihir Vora

“Resumption of business and reduction in consumption, in short, the theme of reopening, is very much. We expect the current sentiment to remain subdued, but there are likely to be several kickers in the next few months,” it adds. Mihir Vora, CIO and Senior Director, Max Life Insurance, The whole business is going well again … Read more