Omicron effect and data indicate RBI may put in place an accommodative policy

Kya kare kya na kare yeh kaisi mushkil haye Koi to bataye iska hal o mere bhai movie song Rangeela Most central bankers are humming right now. What to do and what not to do must be bothering them. But again why this flow state? Is it not very clear that the excesses created should … Read more

Resurgence of Covid will force RBI to keep monetary tap open, shows bond market

New Delhi: Central banks across the world have certainly cut their work. At a time when monetary officials were preparing the ground to reverse the ultra-lax policies adopted in response to the coronavirus crisis, the virus appears to have taken new and potentially more dangerous incarnations. Global bond markets took a 360-degree turn on Thursday, … Read more

Bond traders bet on calm seas after Fed quells market frenzy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is ending volatile times for the world’s largest bond market. Short-term yield rises A week after worldwide speculation that central banks would accelerate rate hikes in the face of persistent inflation, Powell said the Fed would be patient and wait for a further recovery in the jobs market, with markets … Read more