Will the crypto bill even pave a way for NFTs?

New Delhi: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest craze among cryptocurrency investors to buy the latest artifacts in digital form. NFTs are digital art collectibles that derive value from being unique and rare digital collectibles. The value of NFTs depends on the buyer’s interest and bid in the auction. The concept is in the early … Read more

Crypto exchanges rush to allay investor concerns amid regulatory uncertainty

MUMBAI: Private equity firms and strategic investors who have invested millions of dollars in Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are getting upset after the government’s decision to introduce the Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 on Cryptocurrency and Regulation in the upcoming winter session of Parliament. . The words of the Lok Sabha Bulletin, released late on Tuesday, … Read more

54% do not want cryptocurrency to be legalized in India: Survey

New Delhi: Nearly 54 per cent of those polled in a pan-India survey did not support legalizing cryptocurrencies in the country and instead considered them as digital assets held abroad, said a report by digital community platform LocalCircles. LocalCircle said the study received more than 56,000 responses from people living in 342 districts across the … Read more