Amidst Crypto’s Wild West, Binance Says It Needs a Sheriff

NEW YORK: The cryptocurrency market has been compared to the Wild West by critics, and now a major player is asking sheriffs to come to town. Binance, the world’s largest exchange for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says it is time for global regulators to set rules for crypto markets. It released a list of … Read more

Binance CEO on Bubbles, Meme Coin and Crypto Swings

NEW YORK: The CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, does not attempt to explain why some cryptocurrencies that started out purely as a joke have seen their price rise so much. He also doesn’t want to say whether the enthusiasm for meme coins like Dogecoin is a sign of a dangerous bubble. But … Read more

Crypto Market M-Cap Reaches $3 Trillion Mark; Will the frenzy continue?

New Delhi: The global crypto market on Tuesday added another feather to its crown after its market capitalization (m-cap) crossed the coveted $3 trillion mark. With this, the total value of cryptocurrencies exceeded the GDP of countries such as the United Kingdom, France, India and Italy. However, it lagged behind countries such as the United … Read more

New York Mayor-Elect Promotes City-Themed Cryptocurrency

New York mayor-elect Eric Adams promoted a new cryptocurrency in his city of colors to launch on Wednesday, following his commitment to digital currencies on Monday. The former police officer said on the campaign trail in June that under his leadership, New York would be a transformed city within a year, including becoming “the center … Read more

Crypto Queens: Women Make a Place in the Blockchain World

As an artist and women’s rights activist, Maleeha Abidi specializes in using digital technologies, so when she found non-fungible tokens she quickly thought they could be a way to reach more people, and women artists. Can gain a huge following. Abidi, 25, who was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States as a … Read more

Obsessed with Cryptocurrencies? It can be a form of gambling addiction

Paris: When Matt Danzico started seeing cryptocurrency logos on the packaging of grocery store items, he knew he had a problem. Danzico was swayed by the global frenzy for trading digital currencies during the pandemic, and very quickly it developed into an obsession. “I would have these sleepless nights trying to get these charts out … Read more