Covid deaths top 1.5 million across Europe

Europe reached the grim milestone of 1.5 million coronavirus deaths on Thursday, as nations scramble to deal with a worsening crisis with winter looming large. In response, France accelerated its COVID booster rollout and Germany weighed in on the new measures, with fatalities and infections rising. The world is ready for the full onslaught of … Read more

WHO Europe warns of possible surge in further COVID deaths

The World Health Organization’s Europe office says projections suggest its 53-country region could face 700,000 more deaths in the coronavirus pandemic by next spring, bringing the total to 2 million. WHO Europe, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, also cited growing evidence of declining protection against infection and mild disease through vaccines, and called for … Read more

As coronavirus cases rise in Europe, an economic toll returns

Europe’s already fragile economic recovery is threatened by a fourth wave of coronavirus infections now ravaging the continent, as governments impose increasingly stringent health restrictions that could reduce foot traffic in shopping centres, Can discourage travel and reduce crowds at restaurants, bars and skis. Resorts Austria has taken tough measures, made vaccinations mandatory and implemented … Read more

‘Living hand to mouth’: Europe’s gas crisis shows no sign of abating

Consumers in the EU and UK are facing further hikes in gas prices this winter as Russian gas flows through major transit routes are proving too little, too late. The new Nord Stream 2 pipeline running from Russia to Europe would have eased a tight market. But it has faced further delays as German certification … Read more

WhatsApp pushes privacy update to comply with Irish rule

WhatsApp is adding more details to its privacy policy and flagging that information for European users after Irish regulators fined the chat service a record fine for violating strict EU data privacy rules. Starting Monday, WhatsApp’s privacy policy will be restructured to provide more information about the data it collects and its use. The company … Read more

On Putin’s strategic chessboard, a series of destabilizing moves

An ominous buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine. A migration crisis in Belarus that Western leaders call a “hybrid war” by the Kremlin client state. Growing fears about natural gas, causing severe cold in Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasingly laying his cards on the table: he is willing to take more risks to … Read more

The pits of Europe’s COVID crisis vaccinated against the unvaccinated

It was considered Christmas in Europe where family and friends could once again celebrate the holiday and embrace each other. Instead, the continent is the global epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic as cases have reached record levels in several countries. With infections rising again despite nearly two years of restrictions, the health crisis is increasingly … Read more

WHO: Coronavirus cases declining everywhere except Europe

The World Health Organization reported on Wednesday that coronavirus deaths in Europe increased by 10% over the past week, making it the only world region where both COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise. It was the sixth consecutive week that the virus had spread across the continent. In its weekly report on the pandemic, … Read more

China’s aggression is driving Europe to Taiwan: European lawmaker

Chinese aggression towards Taiwan is to blame for driving Europe towards the self-governing island, said a European lawmaker who was part of a delegation that visited Taipei last week. Rafael Glucksmann, chairman of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Foreign Interference, said that the purpose of the delegation’s visit was to send a message to … Read more

Global COVID-19 cases near 250 million as delta surge eases

Worldwide cases due to COVID-19 neared 250 million on Sunday as the variant eased and more normal business and tourism resumed, although some countries in Eastern Europe are facing record outbreaks . In the past three months, the daily average number of cases has dropped by 36%, according to a Reuters analysis. Although the spread … Read more