EU adds more pieces to its ‘elusive’ capital market jigsaw

The EU has moved one step closer to its vision of creating a single capital market across the bloc, a slow process but one that is further eroding Britain’s position as Europe’s investment banker. The bloc first began the ambitious – but fraudulent – process of creating a single EU securities market in 2015. Creating … Read more

EU countries agree on common stance on new rules for US tech giants

European Union countries agreed on Thursday a normalcy on new rules to curb the power of US tech giants and force them to do more to police their platforms for illegal content. However, he will have to share the final details with EU lawmakers, who have proposed stricter rules and higher fines. Frustrated by the … Read more

In the flux of the European Union, Italy and France to sign new treaty

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting Rome this week to sign a new treaty with Italy, strengthening ties between the two founding EU members at a time. He will sign the deal with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and President Sergio Mattarella before meeting with Pope Francis on Friday, as the French Catholic Church remains embroiled … Read more